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The Affordable Roofing Company is Cincinnati and Dayton’s most affordable residential and commercial roofing company. From single-family homes to multiple Amazon warehouses, our fully insured company is ready to work.

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  • 5-Star Reviews from 25+ customers
  • Trusted by some of the world’s leading companies like Amazon for commercial business
  • Hurricane-code protection for roofs and buildings
  • 10-year Labor Guarantee
  • 35-year Manufacturer Warranty
  • 5-Year Annual Inspection FREE
  • 100% Financing to Homeowners
About The Affordable Roof Company
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Who We Are

Will Smith, owner of The Affordable Roofing Company, started this business nearly 20 years ago. After becoming a father, Will wanted to trade in his busy corporate job with lots of travel for a business of his own that would allow him to be with family.

Will grew up helping his grandfather design and remodel homes, and those years of training and hands-on hard work inspired him to start The Affordable Roofing Company. Borrowing a ladder from one friend and a rental car from another, Will launched The Affordable Roofing Company as a family-oriented residential and commercial roofing business

Commercial Roofing

Insurance Claims

Residential Roofing

Willl Smith

A note from Will Smith, owner of The Affordable Roofing Company

If there’s anything that I know for sure, it’s that life is unpredictable. When I first started working in the construction industry, I did it out of love for my grandfather. He was an incredible man, and I craved being around him and involved in his life. My grandfather was an architect and a teacher, and during school breaks, I would work alongside him as he designed, built, and remodeled Victorian homes. In that process, I learned about the beauty of a home–and not just the exterior design, but the true value of a home to a family. My grandfather showed me that homes are not just different combinations of brick and siding with a roof and a door. Homes protect people. They create safe places for families. They are where we celebrate holidays, birthdays, and first steps. It’s where we have hard conversations and make big decisions. As a child, my grandfather showed me how to be a good businessman. He also showed me how to be a good man, and he taught me that we can, and should, be both of these things at the same time. I didn’t know that I would one day be a business owner myself or work on other people’s homes. But I did know that I had a great foundation of values and principles that my grandfather taught me, and that foundation helped me to launch and build The Affordable Roofing Co. I look forward to serving you, your business, and your family.

 — Will

More Than Just Roofing

The Affordable Roofing Company offers diverse suite of services to customers across Ohio and beyond

 Erica Bender – The Blue Book Building & Construction Network

When Will Smith decided to launch The Affordable Roofing Company in 2010, he did so with boldness and optimism, trusting that his business acumen, strong work ethic and intrinsic motivations would provide the foundation for a successful venture…

More Than Roofing

The Affordable Roofing Company offers a full suite of residential and commercial services, including siding, gutters, interior painting, exterior painting, commercial insulation, and insurance claims support.


Commercial Roofing

The Affordable Roofing Company specializes in installing roofs on commercial properties that are designed to ensure you get every dollar out of your investment. We only install roofs that can weather hurricane-strength winds. Some of the largest and most powerful companies in the world, including Amazon, have trusted The Affordable Roofing Company to take care of their roofing needs.


Residential Roofing

Your home is often one of your largest investments. The Affordable Roofing Company can help you take care of it in the best way possible: by installing a dependable, secure roof that will protect the people–and memories–that live below it. We offer a variety of roofing options and a range of colors to best suit your home’s design and aesthetics. Plus, with 100% financing available, you can work with confidence and without money down.



One coat of paint can change everything! A fresh paint job can enhance the curb appeal of your home or business and add life to your interior walls. The Affordable Roofing Company offers free estimates for interior and exterior paint services for residents and businesses.


Insurance Claims/Storm Damage

All insurance companies have different requirements for filing a claim for wind damage, tornado damage, hail damage, storm damage and more. The Affordable Roofing Company will walk you step-by-step through the process and help you determine the best next step for you.


Gutter Replacement

When your home needs new gutters, The Affordable Roofing Company is here for you. We service homes in Cincinnati and Dayton with comprehensive roofing services, which includes ensuring your gutters are working correctly and safely installed on your home.



New siding offers a great solution to protecting your home or business and what’s inside your walls while also instantly boosting curb appeal. The Affordable Roofing Company ensures your siding will be installed correctly by professionals to withstand even the most challenging weather.


Commercial Insulation

Insulation needs can vary based on a business’s insulation needs. The Affordable Roofing Company can help you determine what type of insulation you need to keep your business, products, people, and building safe.

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Please note that we only perform full roof replacements, and do not do roof repair.